Push Notification Inventory

Push Notification Traffic is cleanest for of Traffic, since the ads are Subscription driven, it provides you access to 100% Real and reliable audience.
Push Notifications 720×480 (icon + image) + 192×192 (icon only) and text sent to opted in users of a publisher’s website.
You need to intelligently choose your message content and ads, to gain traction if running Run of Network Ads on Push Notification Traffic, Because with Network Push Traffic there is high % of generic audience, so it’s important to Run Push Ads with high precision and targeting like website Category Choice, or Keyword Inventory choice wherever applicable.

ISP/Carrier Targeting

Mobile Carrier & Desktop ISP Targeting starting $0.50 per 1000 visitors.
Coverage across tier 1 geos, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, France, Canada, United Stats, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Video Advertising

Get started with video advertising, via In-Stream Video, Video Sliders, Video banners and VAST (in-video banners). worldwide coverage.
Large video files support: MP4 max weight 50MB – standard video player size.

Short Video banner support: jpeg, png, gif. 150KB. – 160×600, 300×100, 300×250, 728×90.

Native Advertising

Native Interstitial, Native Exit Traffic – 300×300 Adunit title and description (max 255 char).
Worldwide Native traffic deal – US, UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Australia, Germany, GCC and more.
Audience Type: Dating/Shopping 12+ Age.

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