Mobile Phone Advertising in Emirates and Gulf Countries – Price starting just AED 2 per 1000 visitors

Advertising is essential for the growth of any business as that is what helps you to reach out to your target consumers. When you are looking at reaching out to the target consumers who are based in Gulf countries and Emirates then you can choose mobile phone advertising which is effective and successful. There are various payment models also that are reasonable. You can buy mobile phone advertising in Emirates and Gulf countries with price starting at just AED 2 per 1000 visitors. This means that you need to pay AED 2 for every 1000 visitors who visit your website through the ad. This is called as the CPM or Cost per mille model which is quite successful.

When you buy Emirates and Gulf countries based ad campaigns then your business is promoted only to the people who are based here. The ad server first identifies the target consumers on the basis f their geographical location and then serves the ad only to the people who are from Emirates and Gulf countries. This ensures that you get targeted traffic through the ad campaign and makes your business popular with the target consumers. To know more about how the mobile phone advertising works, you can visit

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